Internet Leased Line Service Provider

It's unnecessary to mention that for making any business bigger, the role of the internet is indescribable. Hence if you are also looking for an efficient internet leased line service provider then Global RA Net is the perfect solution. But why we are the best name? Because we offer several internet connection plans that can serve any business purpose well. Our leased line connections make any tiny or large enterprise get attached to the internet most conveniently.

Our Team

Being the best internet leased line provider, we always strive to bring an upheaval to the entire idea of utilizing the internet. Our only aim is nothing but to deliver a surfing experience that can surely make out clients glad. For this purpose, we always concentrate on hiring the best employees. Our team incorporates engineers, electricians, technical staff, and other staff who all are motivated to give the best internet browsing experience.

All our members are well-qualified and experienced in delivering effective broadband connections. This creates enormous goodwill for our brand which is praised by almost all of our clients. With our internet leased line service, you can surely make your business bigger than before. We conduct our entire installation procedure as per the industry norms.

Our Plans

When it's a matter of leased line connection, we have a vast collection of plans that can fulfil any requirement well. Our leased line plans are of three types. 1499 rupees, 2999 rupees and 3999 rupees. For our 1499*plan the speed would be 20Mbps, for 2999*plan the speed would be 40Mbps speed and for the 3999* plan the speed would be 100Mbps.

About Us

Whether you have started your business recently or years ago, our internet connection (Internet leased line service) can surely help you to perform all the required tasks effectively. Global RA NET internet leased line provider can deliver high-speed broadband services that are not only secure but also reasonable. Being one of the best internet leased line service providers, we have created countless happy clients all around Delhi and Ghaziabad. This happened only for our seamless running experience.

Our Clients

Brands like ABA Corp, Gaur Homes, SKA Green Arch, Hi-Tech, Jasmine Grove, and IAMR are some famous clients of our brand. Global RA NET is famous due to non-stop internet connectivity with break-free Wi-Fi services all over Delhi. Our internet services are both user-friendly and simple. Hence contact Global RA Net to get a state-of-the-art internet leased line connection at a reasonable rate.